Our Story

Debby's bites originated from a classic concept, the peanut butter cup. Seven years ago Debby decided that it was time to make a change in her diet after years of unhealthy eating and difficulty losing weight. She was shocked when her Doctor broke the news that she had severe allergies to many of the foods she ate on a regular basis. The key ingredients that she HAD to remove from her diet were foods containing gluten, dairy, or anything processed. This information made for an unhappy Debby because she really enjoyed her sweets including ice cream, chocolate cake, and brownies!

Fortunately, she was determined to become healthy and made the tough commitment to completely eliminate the toxic foods from her diet. It was a difficult process at first because it seemed like everything she ate tasted bland and boring. With her new list of restricted list of food,  Debby began experimenting to find sweet recipes that would not only taste delicious but also would provide healthy nutrition to her damaged system. After many trials, ingredient combinations, and lots of failed attempts she finally came up with a healthy and delicious go to snack.

Debby's tasty and nutritious treats became a consistent hit whenever she brought them to parties, dinners or family gatherings. Every time I visited her home during my college years, Debby would make sure that I left with a baggy filled with the delicious bites to snack on and share with my friends. Inevitably they would be gone within minutes of getting home!

After graduating from college I asked Debby to disclose her locally famous recipe so that I could make them myself. At first, she was hesitant but when I explained my proposal to share this amazing healthy treat with as many people as possible, she began to soften. As my plan to provide the public with a healthy alternative to the myriad of sugary treats on the market grew on her, Debby came on board with only one request. She made me promise to only use the finest ingredients available to bring to our fellow humans the joy and health benefits of this scrumptious treat.

And so, Debby's Bites were born!