Dates, Nuts and of Course, Dark Chocolate!

Some people still believe healthy eating and the phrase, “this is amazing” can’t be placed in the same sentence. Have you tried Debby’s Bites yet? They are healthy, tasty, and nutritious all in one.
Debby’s Bites’ blissful taste doesn’t only stem from Debby’s well-crafted recipe, our bite-sized snacks are filled with three magical ingredients that will heal your body and take your sense of taste to new heights- dates, nuts and of course, dark chocolate!
Using dates, nuts and dark chocolate in our snacks provides unlimited benefits and also makes you feel like you’re eating a Peanut Butter Cup… from nature. When Debby’s doctor told her she had several food allergies, forcing her to remove gluten, dairy and anything processed from her diet, she went on a mission to create a snack that would be healthy and nutritious. After several trials, she came up with Debby’s Bites. In this article, we will highlight the three key ingredients; dates, nuts and dark chocolate, to show you the benefits they have on the body.

Benefits of Dates:

Dates are mini powerhouses. Sourcing from Tunisia directly, we use the finest quality dates to help the body promote digestive health, reduce blood pressure and boost brain health.

• Promote digestive health- According to, 100g of dates pack 32%
of our daily fiber requirement. Soluble and insoluble fiber clean out the gastrointestinal
system, allowing regular bowel movements and enabling the colon to work efficiently.

• Reduce Blood Pressure- 100g of dates provides 11% of our daily magnesium
requirement. Magnesium prevents blood vessels from constricting, which increases blood
pressure, and improves blood flow.

• Boost Brain Health- Dates provide 8% of our daily vitamin B6 requirement. Vitamin B6
helps improve long-term memory, concentration, mood and regulation of your internal
clock. According to the University of Maryland Research Center, vitamin B6 helps the
body make feel good hormones, such as serotonin and norepinephrine.

Benefits of Nuts:

We currently feature walnuts, pistachios, and almonds in our product line. These three were
chosen because they are loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber, and promote weight loss.

• Loaded with Antioxidants- Antioxidants help control free radicals, the naturally
occurring agents that harm your cells. Free radicals are introduced through everyday
occurrences like pollution and excessive exposure to sun rays. Eating foods like nuts help
balance the free radicals and protect our cells.

• High in Fiber - High amounts of fiber help keep you full longer, reduce the risk of
disease and improve gut health.

• Promote Weight Loss - Nuts are naturally dense in calories and high in fiber, protein and
fat. Quoted in the New York Times Article, Are Nuts a Weight- Loss Aid, Dr. Mattes, one
of the country's leading nutritional scientists at Purdue University said,“They’re high in
fiber, and fiber is satiating. They’re rich in unsaturated fats, and there is some literature
that suggests that has satiety value. They’re crunchy, and that would suggest just the
mechanical aspect of chewing generates a satiety signal.”

Benefits of Dark Chocolate:
Dark chocolate is like the icing on the cake. We thinly coat each bite with dark chocolate to
enhance the taste/eating/palate experience and provide nutritional benefits including high fiber, a complex set of minerals, antioxidants and improved brain function.

• High Fiber - Similar to dates and nuts, chocolate also has a high fiber count. Fiber is a
key ingredient missing from many health food snacks in the general market today. Fiber
helps keep you full for longer, reduces the risk of disease and improves gut health.

• Essential Minerals- Dark chocolate is rich in potassium, manganese, iron, copper, and
magnesium. These minerals are needed for growth and maintenance of body structures.

• Improved Brain Function- the nutrients in cocoa, called cocoa flavanols, have a
positive effect on our brains. Quoted in the Washington Post article, The Magical Thing
Eating Chocolate Does to Your Brain, “eating the nutrient can reduce some measures of
age-related cognitive dysfunction.”

There are a number of other snack options on the market but the key to a good snack is
ingredients that heal the body and not hinder the body. Food should benefit you and keep you energized throughout the day. Debby needed a snack that her doctor would approve of and shortly realized her creation would help the mind, body and soul of many. We hope you enjoy your next Debby’s Bite knowing that you are treating your body with nutritious goodness for the long-haul.